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Human Security in the Borderlands of Sudan, Uganda and Kenya

The P&S programme started in January, 2007. It brings together karacuna, young men of the warrior age-grade, from pastoral communities in the Karamoja cluster3 that engage in cattle raiding from the Jie and Dodoth in Uganda, the Turkana in Kenya and the Toposa, Buya, Didinga, Jiye and Murle4 in Sudan. They are given the opportunity to participate in sports activities, conflict resolution meetings and peace manifestations.

The programme is entering a new phase. The P&S programme has a network of participating organisations that have an interesting advocacy potential. There is a broad range of connections: grassroots stakeholders in security including the potential authors of insecurity on one end of the spectrum; international forums dealing with human security, small arms control, development and pastoralism on the other end, and in the middle Community Based Organisations (CBOs) located in the administrative centres of the Karamoja Cluster.

Ongoing within this network are a number of advocacy/lobbying conversations:

  1. Between the CBOs, kraalleaders and the warrior groups about responses to violence;
  2. Between the CBOs in the three countries on security issues with a coordinating and supporting role for Seeds of Peace Africa (SOPA);
  3. Between SOPA and other organisations participating in Kenyan and East African regional networks dealing with security issues and having access to regional intergovernmental organisations;
  4. Partnership of local CBOs/NGOs and churches with international peace organisations like IKV Pax Christi provides these organisations with a bridgehead to European and global civil society networks dealing with security.
  5. IKV Pax Christi has access to European Union (EU) and United Nations (UN) forums and can carry the lobby to the highest level. This network links young men motivated to change the conditions that predestine them to a short life full of violence to the corridors of the UN.
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